Cultural heritage, Sobrarbe, Meeting of Cultures

From Prehistory, the people who have inhabited these lands have known print their indelible mark on the territory of wild beauty and awe. All they knew establish a harmonious relationship with the natural environment which would provide everything needed.

Different cultures left their mark on a land, in the XXI century, finds its identity in the ancestral legacy. Celts, íberos, Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, Jews, francs or Navarre and others, contributed their bit to weave a rich and varied cultural background and compose a beautiful and diverse landscape, privileged witness the birth of the Kingdom of Aragon.

Visitors have the opportunity to discover high value goods, all located in spectacular natural spaces:

Stands the imposing presence of the Monastery of San Victorian, at the foot of the Peña Montañesa, that until the eighteenth century played an important role in economic life, cultural, spiritual and social Sobrarbe.

In later centuries, Sobrarbe inhabitants built new buildings and churches following the aesthetic of Gothic, the Renaissance and Baroque and, but without forgetting the basics of Romanesque both had roots in the territory.

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Cultural heritage, Sobrarbe, Meeting of Cultures

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